Sunday, December 09, 2018
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Daffodil Education Network

Admission open for Diploma in Hotel Management with Internship. Also in short course: F&B Production, F&B Service, House Keeping, Front Office with Internship. Please call for details : 01713493243, 01713493246.

Graphic Design

Preface about Program: Graphic Design is a passion, a fantastic blending of text and graphics or images into works of art.  Once you start its hard to stop, You have to drag yourself away from your PC monitor some nights, people and businesses are always going to need designers for everything from brochures, booklets, logos, promotional materials and information handouts to menus, packaging and websites.

Our focus has allowed our design students to amass an unrivalled skill-set and incredibly thorough understanding of a range of graphic design software suites, providing the tools and techniques required to take design to the next level and produce a truly outstanding, original final product. 

Target Group (Who Can Attend): This course is designed for the professionals who want to be faster and better than any other in GRAPHIC DESIGNING and smarter - make the difference clear ahead in INNOVATIVE DESIGN CREATOR.

Delivery Method:

  • Linear Demonstration - 50%,
  • Case and Practice Exercise - 50%

Out Comes of the Course:

 After attending the course the participants would be able to know:

  • Core Graphic Designing
  • Typography
  • Basic of Creative Advertising
  • Professional Corporate Material Designing
  • Basic of Branding Image
  • Visualization
  • Creative Thinking and Innovative Idea for Corporate Promotional tool

Contents of the Training:



Session 1 (One):

    • Getting Started
    • Getting to Know the Work Area
    • Basics of Design
    • Principles of Art

Session 2 (Two):

    • Color
    • Color psychology
    • Computer color
    • The emotional effects of color
    • Color and Painting

Session 3 (Three):

    • Drawing
    • Drawing with the Pencil tool
    • Drawing with the Pen tool
    • Symbols
    • Fill, Stroke and Color 

Session 4 (Four):

    • Transforming Objects
    • Design Layout

Session 5 (Five):

    • Importing, exporting, and saving
    • Web graphics optimization options

Session 6 (Six):

    • What is typography?
    • Typography anatomy
    • How to use typography
    • Type

Session 7 (Seven):

    • Basics of Logos and Advertisements
    • Creative Advertisement

Session 8 (Eight):

    • Working with Layers
    • Blending Colors and Shapes
    • Working with gradients
    • Working with blended objects
    • Working with Brushes

Session 9 (Nine):

    • Gradient Mesh
    • Using Transparency



Session 10 (Ten):

    • Dynamic Type Treatments
    • Live Trace
    • Live Paint 
    • Using Symbols
    • 3D Effects

Session 11 (Eleven):

    • Advertising
    • Creative Thinking

Session 12 (Twelve):

    • Exam

Session 13 (Thirteen):

    • Looking at the Work Area
    • Using the toolbox
    • Using the tool options bar
    • Using the palette well
    • Getting Images into Photoshop and Image Ready

Session 15 (Fifteen):

    • Selecting
    • Transforming and Retouching
Session 16 (Sixteen):
    • Drawing
    • Painting


Session 14 (Fourteen):


    • Working with Color
    • Making Color and Tonal Adjustments


Session 17 (Seventeen):


    • Using Channels and Masks
    • Using Layers



Session 18 (Eighteen):

    • Applying Filters for Special Effects

Session 19 (Nineteen):

    • Using Type

Session 20 (Twenty):

    • Preparing Graphics for the Web
    • Saving and Exporting Images

Session 21 (Twenty One):

    • Poster Design, Book Cover Design

Session 22 (Twenty Two):

    • Advertisement Making, Banner, Festoon, Invitation card

Session 23 (Twenty Three):

    • Brochure Design, Flyer Design
    • Prepress Process
Session 24 (Twenty Four):
    • Flash Back
    • Problem Solving

Special Feature of the Course:

    • 06 (Six) practical project will be done at the end of the course.
    • Certificates will be awarded to participants at the end of the Program
    • 05 (Five) Internship placement would be offered to the students according to the merit
    • 02 (Two) Job Placement would be offered to the best performer.

Career propect:

There is a huge scope to stablish your self as a Creative Designer in the following business arena: 

    • Media Agency
    • Advertising Firms
    • Print and Electronic Media
    • Web Development Firms and
    • All Corporate Houses